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Three Girls and a Salsa Club

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Needless to say, I had a great seat at dinner :)

Needless to say, I had a great seat at dinner 🙂

So, I’m a little late at posting this… last Friday night, I went to a surprise birthday party (Happy Birthday again, Anthony). It was at Havanna Village in Adams Morgan (NW DC) – dinner & salsa dancing was on the agenda. My friend, Anthony works in the policy/political field (and I do as well), and that is true for many of Anthony’s other friends there. But to be completely honest, while I can talk about politics, I enjoy talking about other random things a well – like just learning stuff about people. I chatted with someone who was an Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor who explained how sinus surgery works (makes me thankful that I haven’t had to have it). Anyway, when it came to sitting down, I told Anthony’s girlfriend, Alex, who hosted the party (the one with her head above the other three in the top left photo), that I wanted to sit next to people I didn’t know… so she sat me with her three close friends from law school (top left – thanks, Alex!), which, made me the bridge between the ladies and the guys (in photo below). And I was already good friends with three of the guys, so according to my goal of talking to mostly new people… looks like I was going to talk with the ladies 🙂 … Erin (bottom left – from up state New York), Amanda (bottom middle – from New Jersey), and Rachael (bottom right – from Newfoundland, Canada). Alex had already introduced me to Erin, so I was able to chat with her, but then a minute or so after the others got there, I introduced myself and we all began chatting.

My challenge was that they were all close friends – and, well I (at first) was a total stranger (and a guy – trying to join an all girl conversation)…but that’s where weaving into the conversation comes… at one point, I asked them for a random fact about their life… everything from Amanda being a tom-boy when she was young to Rachael playing hockey with the guys when she was a kid, to me admitting that my older twin sisters put me in a dress when I a kid (telling embarrassing or funny stories always helps people connect).

I talked to the guys some too...

I talked to the guys some too...

Then I asked them about siblings… these are safe questions to just ask about people that help you begin to feel like friends over a chat… And, then when they would want to talk about something they all knew about (like at law school), they would bring me in the conversation b/c I acted (and was) interested… and it was as if we were already friends… (thank you ladies for letting me join the chat). Then Rachael came with me to walk down the street to pick up an ice cream cake (which I located on my iPhone) so we could come back and surprise Anthony. It’s fun to just connect with people for the sake of getting to know new folks.

At the end of dinner, a couple other friends arrived and some of the original crowd headed out, including Erin, Rachael, and Amanda… but the rest of us headed up to the second floor for salsa dancing… Anthony and Alex definitely owned the dance floor… On a side note, it’s kind of unfair that girls can just stand there and good dancers will ask to dance with them, but whenever I try to go up to a girl I don’t know to ask them to dance, they give me a funny look (or their boyfriend gives me a funny look)…I’ll be sure to write a post when I get over this hurdle. But, thankfully, I had my new friends Jeremy (PhD Candidate in Applied Economics) and Joe (Investment Banker) to talk to who were also there for Anthony’s party (and the only two guys who stuck around for salsa dancing…  and Investment Banker). And, Jess had a good dancer who kept asking her to dance (I really thought he was going to throw her on the floor, but he caught her every time :)). Dancing with friends is great (thanks for coming, Nicole and Jess!)… then a couple of us went to third floor where they playing more hip-hop style music… so I got inspired to break dance, and a huge circle of people gathered around me cheering. But, somewhere between the hand stand, jazz split, etc…, I hurt my ankle (still a little sore, but feeling better) – maybe that wasn’t the best decision. But, it did result in chatting with strangers who told me I did a great job (thanks, Rolando)… Anyway, it was a fun evening with people I didn’t know and now do know, as well as folks I was already good friends with… Thanks for having a birthday, Anthony, and thanks, Alex, for hosting a great evening…


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October 20, 2009 at 11:29 pm

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  1. Sounds like a fun night. Now everyone who reads this will want to get invited to the next bash, right?

    And by the way, I am scheduled for sinus surgery in a couple months (deviated septum w/ complications), so I would have really hit it off with the ENT.

    I think I will come back to visit your blog just to have fun by proxy. Sounds like you get out of the house a lot more than I do.


    October 22, 2009 at 6:18 am

  2. Moody, I am so amazed by the huge sacrifice you made to bridge the gap at the party. You took that burden of sitting with the three ladies on yourself, all in an effort to enhance communication. What a guy!

    Rich Bradley

    October 22, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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