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A Greek Restaurant and a Matchmaker…

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Taverna CretekouSo, a friend of mine started the Ah-Yeah Restauranting Club, which brings different people together to go to a different restaurant once a month where people sit next to a new person or someone they don’t know well. About 15 of us met this past Friday at Taverna Cretekou, a Greek restaurant in Old town Alexandria, VA. I had a lamb kabob which was very good, but I didn’t eat any of the appetizers because I was too busy talking and didn’t get to eat any before they took them away :).

At first, I tried to sit next to the one person in the group I hadn’t met yet, but I ended up sitting next to someone I know, but don’t talk to that often… And it proved to be an interesting conversation. So, little did I know, she currently works as a professional “matchmaker” for Premier Match (, which to be honest, I was surprised by, and I was curious to find out what it was – after all, I am still single 🙂 – and why she worked for them. I saw the opportunity for a fun conversation, because I was able to bluntly ask her a lot of questions. As someone who is fascinated with different human interactions, I was curious to dive into this topic, admitting that I always thought of dating services as artificial. It is definitely more advanced than typical dating websites. It’s actually mostly offline. So, the way it works is someone starts with a brief phone interview and then a 3 hour long in-person interview. If they agree to take you on as client, it is a fairly high fee, but it’s a one-time cost, and they’ll work with you until you find the right relationship. They work primarily with busy professionals in New York, Washington, and Philadelphia. And – interestingly enough – they refund your money if you get married to someone you met through Premier Match. I asked her a lot of questions as a friend, like how do you know that someone is who they say they are since people would try to put their best foot forward in the beginning. She said they do extensive background checks and interviews and stay involved in the process, talking to each person after dates to get feedback and coach them along the way. She said it’s designed so that each participant will learn a lot about themselves through the process because they will share feedback from those you meet with on what they did and didn’t like about you – a 360 degree feedback loop.

In the beginning interviews, they ask about your goals, personality, and character to try to get to know you and see if you’re someone they would trust. She said they take on a personal approach and that she and the owner wouldn’t take on a client they wouldn’t be comfortable with dating their sister (or brother). So, we chatted more about different aspects about it. But one question I had was that “shouldn’t folks just meet people along the way while doing things that are important to them?” Her response was that some people are so busy and focused that they don’t have time to meet a lot of people to find ones that they would be interested in getting to know more. That is why they would use their service, which comprehensively tries to get to know each person in order to match them with people they would be interested in. They said they try to set up each meeting in a way that they can ensure a high chance of at least an enjoyable time – even if it doesn’t result in a relationship. I will say that their organization sounds different than any other that I’ve heard about – and I was impressed when they said if they have people that are not meeting their expectations or if they sense they have unhealthy motives, they’ll decline to continue working with them and refund their money. Anyway, despite being kind of turned off to dating services, I wanted to give her an opportunity to respond to all my skeptical questions and try to understand some other perspectives, because that’s what conversations are all about. It’s always interesting when you’re open to different conversations about anything… After that conversation concluded and I had eaten my kabob, I did get to make to the end of the table and still have a good chat with the guy I hadn’t met before – he’s a writer from New York and we had a good discussion about life, politics and food and exchanged information to stay in touch.

If you’re in the DC area and want to join us at the next Ah-Yeah Restauranting club dinner, email me at And, as always, feel free to join in the conversation by commenting or shooting me an email.

Until next time,
– The Conversation Guy


Written by theconversationguy

October 28, 2009 at 12:13 am

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  1. What an interesting “matchmaking” service! Sounds like it has the potential to help cut down “wasting” time on someone who isn’t a possible match. But I wonder… if someone doesn’t have the time, or plan on having the time in the future, to put into getting to know someone, why would they even want to start a relationship? But what do I know anyway? 🙂

    Tracy Milstead

    October 28, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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